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Updated: May 4, 2023

Welcome to the World of AP Styled! I'm so Glad You're Here.

Beginning is the hardest part, right? Many of you have been on this style journey with me from the beginning; to you, I say a heartfelt thank you. As I was contemplating what to write as my first entry on this new website, I realized it has been 14(!!) years since I wrote my first blog post. Anyone remember Fashion in the 9-5?

My fashion journey has evolved and matured dramatically in those 14+ years. From documenting (mostly) fast fashion work-wear to the evolution and creation of All Awear, a website dedicated to the education and awareness of sustainable and ethical fashion.

The evolution of AP Styled is a synthesis of the work, research, and experience I've acquired over the years. My goals are as follows:

  1. Keep spreading the message (online and in-person) of conscious consumerism while doing my own continued research and knowledge gathering.

  2. Work 1/1 with clients to help them achieve their personal style goals through the lens of longevity and sustainability.

  3. Work with clients to help them consign, sell or donate their clothes in a manner that minimally impacts the environment.

  4. More photoshoot, editorial, and event styling

Now it's your turn! What type of content would you like to see? What would make your life easier when it comes to getting dressed? Tell me below in the comments or DM me here.

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